Custom Orders

If you are interested in making custom formulations or doing small batch R&D work to get just the right mix of ingredients, scents, and textures - we can help.
Dana has years of experience making custom and white label products for customers spanning a range of health and beauty products. If you have a recipe we can make it, we can also assist with recipe development. All recipes are considered the confidential information of the client. You can also order our retail products as wholesale large volume orders. We are happy to consider and make a wide range of concentrations to meet your needs.

Examples of work include:
  • Recipe development and small-batch manufacturing of CBD hair conditioner
  • R&D work to adjust the scent and feel of an existing formulation
  • R&D work to develop a shelf-stable water-based product
  • Manufacturing of custom athletic support products including roll-on sticks and powders
  • Modifying an existing recipe to a different concentration of CBD
  • We can also assist you with other links in your supply chain including recommending CBD suppliers and bottling/packaging operations.